8th Grade

On Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 6 pm in the Large Group Instruction Room, the Guidance and Counseling Department will be sponsoring an Eighth Grade Parent and Student Night for all parents and students in the Class of 2027. 


Your daughter/son will soon be making choices concerning her/his program of study for the next four years of high school at Westfield Academy and Central School. 

1) Graduation requirements.

2) Regents Examination requirements.

3) Courses available at Westfield Academy and Central School.


As a parent/guardian, we are asking you to participate in this process.  Your student will most likely ask you for guidance in selecting the most appropriate courses for her/his education.  We would like to help you and your daughter/son become more informed about these graduation requirements.


We invite both you and your student to attend, as this will be an informational meeting, and will assist you in providing guidance in your daughter/son’s education.