National Honor Society Induction

WACS Auditorium


June 10, 2021

Health Screening:

Each student’s family will need to complete a health questionnaire (our student’s form) prior to their arrival for the ceremony.  Please use this link - WACS Health Questionnaire.

Temperature Screening:

Families will be screened upon entry into the building.  If an individual has a temperature greater than 100.0F, they “as well as any members of the attendee’s party who may have been in close contact with this individual within the past 10 days” will not be permitted to attend the ceremony.

 Social Distancing:

Attendees must practice social distancing by maintaining a distance of, at least, six feet from other individuals, except for members of the same immediate party/household/family.

 Face Covering:

Attendees must wear acceptable face coverings at all times; provided, however, that attendees may remove their face coverings when seated to eat or drink. The face covering requirement applies to any attendee over the age of two and able to medically tolerate such covering.

 Live Streaming:

The ceremony will be live streamed.  To watch today’s ceremony, please go to our website - and then scroll and then click on Sports Live Stream to access the performance.