We The People

Our "We The People" team achieved a SECOND PLACE FINISH at the State Championship competition.  They performed last Saturday and were informed of their results last evening.  This is the highest achievement Westfield has ever earned in all of our years of competition.  Mr. Birner, who teaches this class and advises this group of high school seniors, said "I would like to explain to everyone that when we do this, we are up against some of the wealthiest, largest and, in some cases, specialized schools in New York State.  Westfield out performed many of those schools making us all very proud of their hard word."  

If you know or see any of the following students, please congratulate them for the commendable amount of dedication and enthusiasm they have shown in a challenging year:  Richard Barney, Owen Bates, Brooke Carlson, Hunter Dellow, Emma Heim, Kaleb Johnson, Elber Lopez-Hernandez, Logan Miles, Jay Northrop, Dylan Rammelt, Matt Schumaker, Morgan Spann, Gracie Szablewski, and McKenzie Wolfe 

This team may (as a possible wild card team) be performing at nationals in late April.  LET'S GO WOLVERINES!!!