Meyer Drive

Possible changes to Elementary Drop Off and Pick Up  

The Village Board will consider proposed local law #2-2020 which would modify the existing wording in the Village Code if passed at their next virtual board meeting on Monday, December 21, 2020.  The new local law would change the direction of one way traffic on Meyer Drive.  The School, Public Works and Police Departments met to discuss the various options available to redirect traffic during school hours; especially during drop off and pick up times.  One major concern of leaders about the current traffic pattern is the number of "waiting vehicles" on Rte. 20 to move into one of the three available drop off loops.  Traffic backups can have lines way out onto Rte. 20 all the way west to Grove St. and East to Persons.  This back up traffic creates safety concerns.  The new local law would switch the one way section on Meyer Drive to the south, requiring those dropping students off at the Meyer Drive loop to enter from Cass Street and go UP the hill, one way into the loop and then exit out onto Rte. 20.  Entry into the Westfield Memorial Hospital and ACL labs from Rte. 20 and also the bus garage off of Cass St. will still be two-way on both ends of Meyer Drive. Questions can be directed to the Westfield Police Department at 326-3375 from 7am to 3:30pm M-F.