Summer Library Books

    Summer Reading!

All students have the opportunity to borrow books from our school library to read during summer vacation!

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Log on to the online library catalog, Destiny.

  2. Search the catalog for books you would like to borrow.

  3. Send Ms. Zastrow the titles and authors of the books you select.  You may email Ms. Zastrow at  Students in grades K-8 may also send a message to Ms. Zastrow through Schoology.

  4. Books will be delivered to PK-5 students on June 11.

  5. Students in grades 6-11 may pick up books on their designated drop-off/pick-up date in June.  There will be a library station set up in the bus loop.  The books will be brought to your vehicle.

  6. Enjoy the books all summer long!

  7. Return the books when we return to school.

  8. Remember you also have access to digital books through Sora.  Log on using your school Google account.

  9. Please contact our librarian, Ms. Zastrow, with any questions.