Building our Future

June 2024 - Transformative Upgrades

May 2024 - The planning of capital improvement projects take many months if not years for a school to develop.   WACS is no exception.  Our Facilities Committee, Board of Education, architect, and construction company have demonstrated a deep commitment to the design and success of the 2024 capital project – Building our Future.   It is also important to note the valuable feedback received from our community, students, and staff. 

The proposed project aims to modernize our buildings, enhance educational spaces, improve ADA accessibility, improve security, and address infrastructure needs. Furthermore, by revitalizing outdoor areas, we'll create opportunities for both educational and community engagement. These upgrades promise long-term benefits for our students, staff, and our community.

The commitment our District has made is based on the need for transformative upgrades for our education.  These upgrades are indeed our future.  The education our District has provided for decades has been based on opportunities for ALL children.  The common, unwavering goal has been to ensure students have opportunities to develop their full potential in an environment that promotes success.  Recognition is due to the current Board of Education and past members who maintain the fiscal integrity of the District while balancing bountiful educational opportunities for our students.   

The financial mindfulness of our current/previous Board of Education have positioned us to propose and undertake this positive and significant educational transformation  - Building our Future.  Our District will rely on various funding sources that include current WACS Capital Reserve and State aid to reduce the impact on the tax levy.

Our District should remain a prominent and viable educational option for current and future families and the greater community at large.  The proposed transformative upgrades will demonstrate movement in the right direction in an effort to maintain the tremendous education our students receive.  If our community approves, this project will set the tone for future educational opportunities, capital improvements and potential growth in our community. 

March 2024 -  “Building our Future” will provide our buildings with updated educational space, upgrades to security, and address needs in our buildings.  Additionally, the enhancements to our outdoor space will provide for educational opportunities as well as community use. The proposed updates will benefit our students and community for many years into the future of our School District. These are exciting times for our students and we look forward to continuing the educational opportunities in facilities that complement the great work of our students, families, community, and staff.   

We are on point with our timeline for a September 5th, 2024 vote.  If approved, the updates to both the external and internal educational spaces will be enjoyed by many of our students and families that are currently enrolled at WACS. With a September 2024 vote, we anticipate work to begin in Spring of 2026. This is a tentative timeline.  If approved in September 2024, the project will be presented to the State education Department for approval. 

Our facilities committee met in late October to finalize the scope of work for the project. Thank you to all who have provided input.  Please continue to watch for social media notifications.  We will be scheduling a second public hearing in August 2024 to present the scope of work and financial impact of the proposed project.   

I ‘d be happy to speak/meet with you to discuss the scope of the project. I can be reached at 716-326-2151. 

Michael Cipolla, Superintendent of Schools

Westfield Academy and Central School

(716) 326 -2151