Ski Club Update

Attention Ski Club!

Any individual that signed up at school for Ski Cub at Peek'n Peak, we have important news to share.  Peek'n Peak believes that they will be able to stay open through the winter ski season following all CDC guidelines. 

If Peek'n Peak closes due to COVID, your pass may not be refundable unless you purchase the prorated insurance plan. The insurance is prorated and costs $25.00 per pass. 

If Westfield Central School closes during the ski season, transportation may not be provided by the school district. You will need to find other means of transportation to Peek'n Peak during a school closure. 

If anyone would like to make any further changes to their pass, you can do so by contacting Mr. Pikiewicz or Mr. Meegan before Wednesday, November 18th.

 Thank you!