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    -A place where I hold students to high expectations while leading them along a successful path.


    Business and Computer Applications/Programming Teacher
    "Where passion and technology intersect."


    Name Ms. Andalora
    Grade/Room 6-12, Room 235
    Contact Information


    716-326-2151, Room 235

    Homework, Announcements and Class Activities

    Grades 9-12 only:

    Google Classroom-Computer Applications/Programming-Class Code: 5sff9i 
    JCC College Connections-Office Procedures-Class Code: 3mjrdtt
    JCC College Connections-Introduction to Business-Class Code: x5uhcf

    Class Policies                                 

    A Day/B Day

    Period 1:   Computer Applications-Grade 6
    Period 3:   Computer Applications-Grades 9-12
    Period 4:   Computer Applications-Grade 7
    Period 5:   Computer Interests-Grade 7
    Period 6:   Prep
    Period 8A: JCC College Connections-Office Procedures
    Period 8B: JCC College Connections-Introduction to Business
    Period 9:  Computer Applications-Grades 9-12