Grade 7 Homework  - Wednesday, Feb 26 
    ELA - "A"   Complete packet "Food Fakeout"  Answer one Short answer from 48 or 49 and answer 50.  Must also complete the essay.  The other short answer can be for extra credit.     - Argument rewrites due 2/28
    "B"   Finish Multiple choice and short answer questions from class  Argument rewrites due 3/2 
    Math - 
    • p. 292 #4-12,15,16 
    • IXL Practice B's (you can start C's if you'd like)

    • LTA redo of February Break MC part due 3/6

    • p. 282 #4-14
    • IXL practice B's (work on - due end of week)
    • LTA redo MC part if needed
     Science - "A"  Study microscope parts for microscope quiz next class. 
    "B" Cell Type Gizmo
    Social Studies 
    "A" -   
    "B"  Read chapters 14-16 and complete questions on chapters 10-12
    Spanish - Word order placement of adjectives.  TEST on SER and ADJECTIVES FRIDAY!