Westfield Teachers’ Association

The purpose of the WTA is to: 

  • To promote the best interests of teachers and students in the Westfield Academy and Central School;
  • To secure the conditions necessary to provide the greatest rewards for its members in their work environment;
  • To study and interpret new educational trends for members of the Association and the community;
  • To advance the standards of its members' professions;
  • To promote mutual assistance and cooperation with other local teacher organizations;
  • To promote the aims and objectives of the New York State United Teachers and its national affiliates;
  • To expose and fight all forms of racism and discrimination
  • To promote the unity and strength of its members.

The Veterans' wall of honor

The Veterans’ Wall of Honor is being established by the Westfield Teachers’ Association in memory of Sgt. Kevin White, a WACS graduate, who was killed in action. Only American veterans who graduated from or received an honorary diploma from WACS are eligible to have their name placed on the Veterans' Wall of Honor.  


  • The WTA proudly participated in the Adopt a Senior Program!
  • The WTA is the proud sponsor of the Class of 2020 Senior signs!