Dear Westfield Families:

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year.

As we embark on another year of learning and growing, I am thankful to join you in this exciting time of life for your child. The early years are critical in developing who we all become as adults. Every minute of every day presents itself as a time to learn something new, whether it be how to tie a shoe, read a word or figure out if we have enough money to buy that toy in the store. This year begins like no other, but together, we will succeed.

Our mission statement, Excellence in Education, requires all of us to work together to help each child grow; cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically. Each of us plays a role in this task, and each of us is accountable for a nurturing, child-centered environment. We need to know where each child is academically, how each child learns, and help each child succeed. Let’s do it together!

I am delighted to serve as your Principal and Director of Special Education. Feel free to call at any time. I am here to help, and like you, guide our children toward adulthood.

Parents Pledge

P….PARTICIPATE in my child’s education by supervising homework, talking with my children about school, and volunteering when possible.

A….ACCEPT my children for who they are.I will nurture those qualities that make each of my children special.

R….READ to or with my children each and every day of the year.

E….EXPECT the very best from my children at all times.

N….NEVER let a day go by without telling each of my children that I love them.

T….TURN off the television for homework, reading time, and for special “quiet” times with my children.