Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the faculty and staff of Westfield Academy and Central Schools with the quality of support, training and equipment that will enable them to provide the best possible education to our students.


To provide all students and staff with equitable access to technologies that address the scope of instructional needs that will not only improve student learning but also staff effectiveness. Westfield CSD will utilize technology to augment classroom instruction, integrate educational technology to support curriculum, increase efficiency in communication and data management, and provide support through training and technical assistance. It is our vision to provide  technology integration that not only supports our students but also enhances curriculum at all grade levels through progressive and interactive resources.

PURSUANT with our vision and mission STATEMENTS

The Information Technology department will:

  • Provide and maintain a robust, reliable and secure infrastructure
  • Maintain existing equipment and software and upgrade to current standards or versions whenever financially possible
  • Assist administration, staff and students with training and desktop support
  • Facilitate a communication bridge between school and community via our district website
  • Support and encourage 21st Century learning within our district
  • Ensure that all students and staff become technologically literate to prepare them for the working world of the future
  • Create an environment which will continue to foster individualized, cooperative student-centered learning
  • Fully integrate technology into the curriculum
  • Provide a mandatory, comprehensive, on-going staff development program
  • Provide equitable distribution and access to current technology
  • Provide fully networked classrooms with access to integrated video and computer based learning systems
  • Provide access, through networked systems, to state-wide, national and global resources
  • Develop a partnership with businesses and the community for implementation and application of technology
  • Provide sufficient funds, in cooperation with the Board of Education, for the implementation of technology in all phases of school operation

WACS' Technology committee

The committee consists of District administrators, teachers, parents, community members and support staff.  This provides for involvement and contribution by the school community and the community at large in the planning, implementation and assessment of the technology plan. The committee will meet on a triannual basis.

Technology Committee members 
  • Elementary School Representatives:  Mrs. Clamp, Mrs. O'Neil-Stratton,  Mrs. Harp
  • Middle School Representatives:  Mr. Knappenberger
  • High School Representatives:  Mr. Stokes
  • Business Teacher, Parent Representative:  Ms. Alonge
  • District Superintendent:  Mr. Cipolla
  • Director of Curriculum:  Mrs. Anderson
  • District Technology Coordinator | Chief Privacy Officer:  Mr. Tenamore
  • Library Media Specialist:  Ms. Zastrow
  • Technical Support Specialist: Mr. Kane, Mrs. Harper
  • Elementary Principal/Director of Special Education:  Dr. Rockey
  • Secondary School Principal: Mr. Markham
  • District Business Manager: Mrs. Murphy
  • Parent Representatives:  Participants vary yearly
  • Four High School Student Representatives:  Participants vary yearly