Welcome to the Westfield Academy and Central School Middle School Guidance Web Page! As the Middle School Counselor, my primary role is to advocate for student success in grades 6-8. Student success can be measured academically, behaviorally, and socially, and each of these are important in adolescent development.

When students are demonstrating difficulty in any of these 3 areas, I try to work directly with that student, teachers, parents, and administrators to create strategies for students to use that will benefit him or her in an immediate yet enduring manner.

If you would like to contact me with any concerns regarding your middle school-aged son or daughter, or if you would like information about the guidance office here at WACS and how to take advantage or the services that we provide to support students and families, you may reach me via e-mail at:

"ABrinkley" "@" then type "westfieldcsd.org"

or you may phone me at 326-2151, ext. 214

Amy Brinkley