Westfield Academy and Central School Community Education is a way of looking at public education as a total community enterprise. Our Community Education Program is a comprehensive and coordinated plan for providing educational, recreational, social, and cultural services for all people in the Westfield community.

Are you interested in sharing your talents, abilities, skills, and knowledge to run a Community Education class, club, or activity?  If so, please contact Ms. Mary Jo Andalora, the Community Education Coordinator at (716)-326-2151.

Community Education Classes

To be determined at a later date.

Walking Activities

Evening Walk at Westfield Academy and Central School (Already in progress)

This program has been suspended due to the extended closure of WACS. We hope to start walking the halls with you again in the fall. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Classes will not be held if there are school closings or after-school activities have been cancelled.  If you have any questions, contact your instructor about cancellations.