Business Office

Mission Statement

With a commitment to excellence, Westfield Academy and Central School, in partnership with the community, will educate all students to the highest level of their academic potentials, teaching them the skills and knowledge to become capable and responsible members of society. We will provide all students with a range of challenging educational opportunities in a safe, supportive environment that fosters honesty, integrity and respect for self and others.

Our Staff

Ms. A. Domenico, Treasurer

  • "adomenico" @ then type "westfieldcsd.org"
  • (716) 326-2151 ext. 202

Ms. R. Baideme, Senior Account Clerk

  • "rbaideme" @ then type "westfieldcsd.org"
  • (716) 326-2151 ext. 216

Ms. H. Button, Account Clerk

  • "hbutton" @ then type "westfieldcsd.org"
  • (716) 326-2151 ext. 225