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    Kent Knappenberger
    7-12 rooms 153 and 158
    Contact Information
    Musical Ensembles
    Ape-Men(9-12 grade boys)
    Firecrackers (9-12 grade girls)
    Westwinds (10-12 grade select choir)
    Senior Chorus (9-12 grade)
    Mc Clurg St. String Band (celtic & Irish string band)
    Handbell ensemble
    Steelheads (steel drum ensemble)
    Class Policies
    Class Time is where we accomplish 95% of our work. If you are absent, you need to make sure you can get up and running with the class as soon as possible.
    Treat others better than you wish to be treated yourself.
    A/C Days: 9:13-9:52-Middle School Choir,7/8 grade boys
    9:55-11:15-Music In Our Lives
    11:18-12:38-JCC MU 1570, Music Theory I, Music Theory II
    1:09-1:46-Foundations of Music
    1:49-2:29-Senior Chorus
    B/D Days: 9:55-11:15-Music In Our Lives
    11:18-12:38 JCC MU 1570, Music Theory I, Music Theory II
    Mondays: 2:35-3:15-Firecrackers Vocal Ensemble
    Tuesdays; 2:35-3:15-Ape-Men Men's Ensemble
    Thursdays: 2:35-3:15-Westwinds Select Choir