• a model of the molecular structure of an atom is displayed using balls for the nucleus and rods for the atomic bonding structure Welcome To My Classroom

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    Chip Quadri
    Sixth Grade, Room 138
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    email me at cquadri@wacs2.wnyric.org

    My phone number is 326-2151 extension 267

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    Class Policies

    Show Up -- Listen -- Do Your Work.

    Homework is due the next day we have that class which may occasionally be the very next day! Otherwise a due date will be established. Homework that is not turned in the day it's due is marked down 10 points each day it's late beginning with the first day it is late. After three days it becomes a grade of zero and still must be completed.

    Science update: We have moved to the longest unit of the year -- Organisms and their classification -- we will cover 5 Kingdoms of living things beginning with the five classes of vertebrates (organisms with backbones).

    In Social Studies we are completing our study of river-valley civilizations. These include the ancient Nile civilization, Mesopotamia (birthplace of farming) and the Indus River system.
    (updated 1/24/17)