• Westfield Academy & Central School


    The campus of Westfield Academy and Central School is located on 203 East Main Street in the Village of Westfield. The school has a long history of student academic success as well as extracurricular involvement. School facilities are used for school and community programs from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m.The school mascot is the Wolverine.


    Westfield Academy and Central School has a student population of more than 700 in grades K-12. Historically, the school has been well supported and valued by the community. School budgets have never been defeated.


    For more information about Westfield Academy & Central School please contact:
    -Mr. Michael Cipolla,  Superintendent of Schools
     Mrs. Tina Winslow, Superintendent's Secretary 
    -Mrs. Julia Murphy, School Business Official and District Clerk
    -Mr. Corey Markham, Secondary Principal

    Mrs. Ellen Gerould, Secondary Principal's Secretary

    -Dr. Mary Rockey, Elementary Principal/Director of Special Education

    Miss Lori Reed, Elementary Principal's Secretary
    -Mrs. Molly Anderson, Director of Curriculum