• Academic Intervention Services (AIS)  
    Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are mandated by New York State. These services are designed to help students that are not meeting state standards.
    The most common reason students are placed in AIS is due to a level 1 or 2 on a state assessment when the expectation is that students achieve a level 3 or 4. Students that are placed in AIS due to state testing remain in AIS until they pass their next state assessment in the content area they scored the level 1 or 2 in. For some tests that may include a span of several years between assessments (example: the 8th grade ELA exam and the 11th grade ELA exam are given two full years apart).
    At Westfield Academy and Central School we are fully dedicated to providing the most beneficial learning environment for all students and provide extensive services to ensure no students are left behind.
    Frequently asked questions about AIS services http://www.nysut.org/k12_7673.htm
    Response to Intervention (RTI)

    Response to Intervention (RTI) is a program designed to improve early literacy skills for students that need extra help. RTI will likely expand to other content areas and grade levels. Currently Westfield’s RTI program includes grades K-5, which will be fully on pace with the mandated 2012 deadline schools were given to create and implement a RTI program. The current program is designed to increase phonemic awareness, reading fluency, and comprehension by using research and evidence-based interventions.

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    Intervention Specialist
    Amy R. Webb (Elementary), Steve Holmberg (Middle/ High School)
    Telephone: (716) 326-2151